Food Security and Sustainability in a Smart Way!

TechAgro will be Launching the Largest Smart Nano-GrowPro Farm in the Region with more than 4,500,000 Sqft., in which the the Smart Nano-GrowPro system will be used in growing all year around Products, with high Quality, and Environmental Friendly Techniques, Nano-GrowPro system is a state of the art technique, in which more than 60% of irrigation water and fertilizers are reduced, and with proven increase in yield reaching more than 25% from any conventional methods.

TechAgro has already completed its first phase with the new technology, and has reached outstanding results, both in quality and production yields.

The objective is to reach the target of 6,000,000 Kg of various products per year, in an affordable and applicable way, to sustain the food security and bring the full potential of the Arabian desert.